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Use And Maintenance Of Centrifugal Fan

- May 30, 2018 -

1. maintenance of centrifugal fans must be stopped, power cut and guardianship.

2. before centrifugal fan starts, check whether there are any obstructing items in centrifugal fans and pipes. If so, remove them before starting.

3. before the official use of the test machine must be carried out to ensure that the wiring is correct, the centrifugal fan is no different, the motor is not overloaded, the centrifugal fan impeller rotating direction and the identification of the same premise can be formally used.

4. do not start and stop centrifugal fans too often, otherwise it will easily cause the motor to burn down.

5., do not let sundries block the radiator fan of the motor and the radiator teeth on the surface of the motor, so as to prevent the motor from burning down due to the poor heat dissipation of the motor.

6. the parts of the centrifugal fan (motor, impeller, axle seat, air inlet of the machine shell, etc.) should be checked regularly to ensure that the centrifugal fan can start at any time and operate normally.

7. in order to avoid the damage caused by the damage of the impeller due to the damage of the dynamic balance, the centrifugal fan should be checked regularly every month. If the impeller surface has dust or oil pollution, it must be cleaned up, and the centrifugal fan can continue to use it.

8. when the centrifugal fan is not used for a long time, it is necessary to check whether the connecting parts are reliable and can be reused after normal operation.

9. if it is found that there is a loud noise or vibration in the operation of centrifugal fans, it must be stopped immediately for inspection.

10. when the belt drive system is used for a period of time, the belt will become loose, and users need to tighten the belt regularly.

11. the shaft end seal of bearing housing will be reduced after working for a period of time. At this time, the sealing ring should be properly adjusted to compress asbestos.