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The Difference Between A Fan And A Centrifugal Fan

- Jul 17, 2018 -

The direction of the wind and the axis are parallel, called the axial flow fan, (such as the fire exhaust fan) and vice versa is the centrifugal fan (such as the fan coil fan).

The fundamental difference between an axial fan and a cabinet centrifugal fan is the mechanical structure of the fan:

The blade diameter of the axial fan is limited to the diameter of the casing.

Centrifugal fans do not have this limitation. They can use blade forward or backward tilting blades to adapt to the requirements of wind pressure and wind pressure. Moreover, the cabinet can be used for muffling processing, which has obvious advantages in noise indicators.

Since the number of revolutions of the motor is generally low, the motor power is large and the power consumption is much more. If the ventilation system is usually used, the cabinet centrifugal fan should be used as much as possible. The system that is not commonly used for fire and smoke is more economical and reasonable.

Centrifugal fans are more advantageous than axial flow fans in the combination of high air volume and high wind pressure (mainly refers to fan efficiency and noise indicators)!