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Roof Fan Type

- May 30, 2018 -

1, axial flow roof fan

The model is WZT4-10 type, suitable for medium low pressure and large flow occasions. According to the needs of users, it can also be designed as bidirectional reversible air supply and exhaust, that is, a fan with positive and negative working conditions, such as WZT4-10 type axial fan.

2. The centrifugal roof fan

The models are two types of DWT- II and DWT- III, which are suitable for occasions with small air volume and high pressure requirements.

Centrifugal roof fan

3. Unpowered roof fan

The type WF roof turbine fan is a kind of energy saving ventilation device, which is driven by the air pressure difference between indoor and outdoor, which is driven by the special arc blade with the axis to discharge the interior air. The unpowered roof fan can be used as the roof ventilation for building roof, using the natural principle of increasing the indoor heat flow and decreasing the cold air, which is installed on the roof to accelerate the evaporation of heat to achieve the effect of air change and cooling.

It is suitable for commercial large supermarket, agriculture and animal husbandry, industrial plant farming plant and component factory. Its characteristics are that the fan needs no power consumption and only needs air flow to achieve the purpose of ventilation and ventilation. The biggest advantage of the fan is that it is easy to install and save energy. No power fan does not produce noise. It belongs to environmental protection and energy saving products.