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Roof Fan Technical Guidance

- Jul 25, 2018 -

Generally, the roof fan will have some high temperature when it is running at normal temperature, but it is within the normal range. This is because the parts of the machine itself rub against each other, and the heat generated causes the body temperature to be high, but not all The temperature is too high is normal.

The body temperature of the fan equipment exceeds the normal value, the main reasons are as follows:

The first type: motor phase failure movement or wiring error;

The second type: excessive system resistance or unreasonable fan selection leads to overload operation of the motor, because the pipe network resistance coefficient is too large or the pipe coefficient valve is not open;

Third: low power supply pressure;

The fourth type: the motor bearing is damaged, the matching clearance is small, and it does not meet the requirements.

The fan body is too high, but it is also a serious problem. Especially for axial fans and roof fans, there are important mechanical equipments. A little bit of abnormality will affect the normal operation of the whole machine. People should Arouse attention.