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Preparation Before Installation Of The Fan

- Jul 09, 2018 -

About the centrifugal fan installation:

The fan is a mechanical device used for air transportation and compression. It is widely used in various buildings, factories, mines, tunnels and other environments. The installation of the fan has a great influence on the use of the fan, and we have to do some preparatory work before the fan is installed. The following are some of the necessary preparations that should be made before the fan is installed.

Prepare the fan before installation:

1.Before the fan is unpacked, check whether the package is intact, whether the nameplate parameters of the fan meet the requirements, and whether the accessories are complete and complete.

2.Carefully check whether the fan is deformed or damaged during transportation, whether the fastener is loose or falling off, whether the impeller has a rubbing phenomenon, and check all parts of the fan. If an abnormality is found, it should be repaired before use.

3.Measure the insulation resistance between the fan casing and the motor windings with a 500V megger. The value should be greater than 0.5 megohms. Otherwise, the motor windings should be dried. The temperature during drying should not exceed 120 °C.

4.Prepare the materials, tools, and sites required for fan installation.