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No Power Roof Fan Installation And Precautions

- Jul 23, 2018 -

1. Before installation, comprehensive inspection of all parts of the fan should be carried out. Whether the machine is complete, whether the direction of rotation of the impeller and the casing is the same, whether the joints of the parts are tight, whether the main parts such as the impeller, the main shaft and the bearing are damaged, and whether the transmission group is flexible or the like. If problems are found, they should be repaired and adjusted immediately.

2. When installing, pay attention to check the casing of the unpowered fan. There should be no falling and leftover tools and debris in the shell. In some joints, in order to prevent rust and reduce the difficulty of disassembly, some grease should be applied. Or mechanical oil, fan and foundation joint surface, when connecting the air inlet and outlet pipes, it should be adjusted to make it fit naturally. It is not allowed to be forcibly connected. It is not allowed to add the weight of the pipe to all parts of the fan, and pay attention to ensure the horizontal position of the fan.

3. Installation requirements: Install according to the position and size shown on the drawings. In order to obtain high efficiency, it is necessary to ensure the clearance size between the air inlet and the impeller.