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Installation Of Roof Fan

- May 30, 2018 -

1, the foundation of the roof fan installation must be higher than the roof, and the surface should be leveled to prevent seepage and leakage, and the anchor bolts must be embedded.

2. A 5mm rubber plate is added between the base of the fan and the foundation to reduce vibration. The anchor bolts should be equipped with spring washers to prevent loosening when used.

3, the pipe diameter of the outlet of the roof fan can only be larger and not smaller. Finally, the outlet should be installed with insect proof net, and the wind and rain cap must be increased when the wind is out of the wind. If it is snow in winter and the freezing date, it must be often opened to prevent the heavy snow from blocking the outlet of the fan.

4. The roof fan and air duct are connected by flexible hose (flexible material and non combustion), the length should not be less than 200mm, and the diameter of the roof fan is the same as that of the roof fan. To ensure that the hose does not distort during the operation of the system, it should be installed in a moderately tight manner. For canvas hose installed on the suction side of the roof fan, it can be installed a little tighter to prevent inhalation of the roof fan when running and reduce the section size of the canvas hose.

5. According to the inclination of the roof, the installation of frame fans must be horizontal and vertical. Anti rust treatment, using iron red rust paint spray.

6. When installing fans, open the corresponding roof positions and cut the colored steel tiles. Fixed frame, the force position of the frame must coincide with the shape steel and lock with drill screw. Cover good color steel tile, edge, cut color steel tile repair seam.

7, waterproof, with neutral weather resistant glass glue to fill the gap, any gap may lead to rain, air gap will be inhaled, the rain flows along the wind direction.

8, connect cable, fixed with metal wire (adhesive tape is easy to be aged). The frame is directly installed in the installation position when the row is installed.