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How To Judge The Quality Of The Centrifugal Fan?

- May 30, 2018 -

The quality problem of centrifugal blower has always been a concern for users. A qualified fan can reduce many unnecessary troubles in future use. Therefore, in the process of selection, the user should pay attention to the quality of the fan, but how to judge and choose the type of the equipment to choose the quality of the fan? We all know that when choosing a fan, the most important is the flow, pressure, speed and efficiency of the fan.

Under the same conditions, impeller is an important factor to reflect the level and quality of centrifugal fan. The difference of wind blade is mainly reflected in two aspects: shape and geometry. After local enlargement, the cutting volume of each blade is not uniform, indicating that the ends and axes are not vertical. The blades of the blades are not on the vertical plane, and the air flow is unbalanced when the blades rotate, thereby reducing the efficiency of the fans. Don't choose a fan with this problem. In the test, although the 3D laser scanning can not reach the accuracy level of the three coordinate measuring technology, it can measure the three-dimensional profile data of different complex parts. When analyzing the overall error of blades, it is necessary to collect large amounts of blade data, with large amount of information and complex data. Therefore, uneven blade processing results in uneven air gap between fan blades and fan housing (mainly wind cover and air hopper), and the gap has an impact on the performance. It can be seen that there are many criteria for selecting centrifugal fans, and the functions of different standards are different. Therefore, when the user chooses the fan, they have to know clearly what they want to achieve, so the choice is more convenient.