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How To Distinguish The Selection Of The Centrifugal Fan And The Axial Fan?

- May 30, 2018 -

Before installing and using the fan, we should first understand the difference between the centrifugal fan and the axial fan, and the matching relationship between the flow and pressure of the fan and the system.

1, first to understand the difference between the centrifugal fan and the axial fan: the centrifugal fan is the axial air inlet, the radial air outlet, the use of centrifugal force (depending on the speed and the outer diameter) to make work, so that the air increases the pressure, so under the same shape size (and speed), the pressure is greater than the mixed flow fan, axial fan; and the air volume is less than mixed. Air blower, axial fan, axial fan is axial air, axial wind, through the angle of the blade, using the thrust (Sheng Li) to do work, so in the same shape size (and speed), the pressure is far smaller than the centrifugal fan, and in the axial structure, the overflow area is far greater than the centrifugal fan, so The air volume is larger than the centrifugal fan.

2, in the selection, we should consider the structure and system resistance of the system and the internal characteristics of the fan (pressure, flow, speed). If the system resistance is large and the size of the structure is small, the centrifugal fan should be chosen, because the flow of the fan is first in the condition that the pressure is produced to overcome the resistance of the system. Air volume; for cooling, the air volume (flow rate) is enough, and the more air volume will make the fan consume the invalid energy; reduce the engine efficiency; if the system resistance is small and the structure is large, the axial flow fan should be selected; because the low pressure produced by the axial fan is enough to overcome system resistance, so A large amount of wind can be discharged, and the last thing to be noted is that when the fan is working, if the pressure can not be overcome by the system resistance, the volume of the wind is zero, and the fan is doing no work in this condition.

Therefore, before installing and selecting, users must install different fans according to the field pipeline and ventilation area, so as to achieve the effect.