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How To Choose The Axial Fan?

- May 30, 2018 -

1) when selecting two or more axial flow fans on the selection performance chart of axial fan, it should be preferable to choose higher efficiency and smaller machine number: one of the larger adjustment range, of course, should be compared and weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

2) before selecting the axial flow fan, we should understand the production and product quality of the axial fan in China, such as the variety, specification and special use of various products, the development and popularization of the new products, and the requirements of environmental protection should be taken into consideration so as to choose the fan.

3) when axial fans are chosen, axial fans should be avoided as far as possible. When unavoidable, the same type and isotropic axial flow fan should be selected to work together. When connected in series, there must be some pipe connection between the first stage axial fan and the second stage axial fan.

4) for the ventilation system with muffling requirements, we should first choose an axial flow fan with high efficiency and low impeller circumference speed, and make it work at the highest efficiency point, and should adopt corresponding measures of noise reduction and vibration damping according to the transmission mode of noise and vibration produced by the ventilation system. Vibration damping measures such as spring damper or rubber shock absorber are generally adopted for axial fan and motor vibration reduction.

5) when selecting a centrifugal axial fan, when the motor power is less than or equal to 75KW, no valve can be installed for start-up. When the high temperature flue gas or air is discharged and the centrifugal boiler induced draft fan is selected, a starting valve should be set up to prevent overload during cold running.

6) according to the different physical and chemical properties of the axial flow fans, choose axial fans with different uses. For example, the selected explosion-proof axial fan with explosive and flammable gas should be selected; dust or pulverized coal should be selected for exhaust or pulverized coal axial fan; corrosion resistant gas should be selected as an anticorrosive axial fan; high temperature axial fan should be selected to work or transport high temperature gas at high temperature.