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Fan Performance

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Fan performance refers to the relationship between the efficiency, power, total pressure and other parameters of the fan at a certain intake condition and speed. The following is a description of the relevant test items and calculations for the fan performance test.

First, the fan performance test standard basis

Fan performance test is generally carried out according to the following standard requirements, and the specific conditions can be adjusted according to their own technical requirements or site conditions.

◆GB/T3235 ventilator basic type, size parameters and performance curve

◆ GB/T 10178 industrial ventilator field performance test

◆ GB/T 1236 ventilator aerodynamic performance test method

Second, the fan test related test items and calculations

The fan performance test is to determine the flow, pressure, power and speed parameters of the fan under working conditions to determine its performance and provide reliable data support for wind turbine retrofit and economic operation.