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Fan Over Current, Motor Heating Too High

- Aug 21, 2018 -

The original fan encountered super current, the motor temperature is too high can still be solved!

Fans are widely used and are favored by people in different industries and fields. Of course, there are different uses in different environments, so it is normal for the fan to over-current and the motor to heat up too high. How should we solve this kind of fault?

Tell everyone how to solve the problem and steps

1. The high and low speed numbers of the control box of the two-speed fan are inconsistent with the actual;

2. When the vehicle is driving, the valve or throttle valve in the intake pipe is not closed, or the air pipe is leaking (for the centrifugal fan and the wind chassis);

3. The fan transport gas density is too large;

4. Fan speed mismatch is too high.