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Fan Installation Instruction

- Jul 10, 2018 -

Fan installation:

1.Fully familiar with the specifications and form of the fan, the direction of the impeller rotation and the direction of airflow in and out, etc.: Before the fan is installed, check whether the impeller is rubbed or not, and thoroughly check the components, whether the accessories are complete, and whether the components are connected firmly. Carefully check whether the blades are damaged or deformed during transportation, otherwise they should be repaired before installation.

2.The air duct connecting the inlet and outlet of the fan should have separate support. It is not allowed to add the weight of the air duct to the components of the fan. When installing the fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, the joint surface of the fan and the foundation and the air outlet pipe. The connections should be adjusted to make them fit naturally and must not be forced.

3.After the fan is installed, use the hand or lever to move the impeller to check if it is too tight or rubbing. If there is any obstruction to the rotation, the test operation can be carried out without abnormality. The exposed parts of the fan drive should have The protective cover (user-supplied), if the fan air inlet is not connected to the pipeline, also need to add a protective net or other installation device (user-supplied).

4.The fan wiring must be correct and reliable, the fan casing should be properly grounded, and the grounding must be reliable. The power supplied to the fan must be complete and meet the relevant requirements. Electrical wiring must be wired by an electrician with specialized knowledge.

5.After the fan is installed, check the inside of the fan for any tools and debris left.