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Fan Common Mechanical Failure And Elimination

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Bearing temperature rise is too high:

1 bearing bracket seat is vibrating.

2 The quality of the lubricating grease is not good, it deteriorates, and it contains impurities such as dust, sand and dirt. The tightening force of the bearing bolt of the bearing seat is too large or too small, and the bearing is running out of oil.

3 The shaft and bearing are installed obliquely, and the front and rear bearings are not concentric.

4 bearing damage or bearing life has arrived.

5 The fan shaft and the motor shaft are unbalanced, and the belt groove is misaligned.

Fan vibration:

1 Impeller is not balanced.

2 The impeller screw is loose or the wheel and the leaf are deformed.

3 The stiffness of the foundation is not enough or not strong.

4 The casing and bracket bearings and bracket connection bolts are loose.

5 improper position of the shock absorber caused the center of gravity to shift.

Impeller wiper:

1 Impeller is unbalanced or deformed.

2 The casing or air inlet is rubbed against the impeller.

3 Impeller reversal causes the impeller fastener to loosen.

4 Impeller shaft hole and shaft loose.

5 The fan inlet and outlet pipes are poorly installed.