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Boiler Fan Bearing Neck Repair

- Aug 07, 2018 -

According to the shaft diameter and wear status of the boiler fan, the "Sore Tooling Process" is determined. The field operation steps are as follows:

1. On-site measurement of the shaft diameter with the outer diameter micrometer, and re-finish the tool after re-testing and approval;

2. Clean up the oil in the leaking area and then carbonize the oil track with an acetylene oxygen gun flame;

3. Grind the bearing position with the angle grinder grinding wheel to make it appear as rough as possible on the surface of the metal primary color;

4. The threaded part is protected in advance to prevent the SD7101H material from sticking into the thread;

5. The surface of the bearing is cleaned after grinding, and it is required to be clean, dry, solid and rough;

6. Clean the repaired area with absolute ethanol until the volatiles are exhausted;

7. Mix the material evenly according to the 1:2 blending ratio of SD7101H;

8. The inner wall of the tooling is cleaned with absolute ethanol, and the surface of the SD7000 stripper is wiped until it is even.

9. Apply SD7101H material to the repaired part of the shaft and apply evenly to no pores;

10. Quickly install the tooling to cure the SD7101H material;

11. Remove the tooling, clear the excess SD7101H material, and check the shaft diameter after repair;

12. Heat the bearing to 100 degrees Celsius, install the bearing quickly, and lock the nut;

13. Adjust the shaft and housing. The shaft is concentric with the motor and is turned on.