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Axial Flow Fan

- Jul 31, 2018 -

The axial flow fan has compact structure, reliable operation and convenient installation. The fan is smaller than the axial flow or centrifugal type under the same air volume and wind pressure. It can be directly connected with the air cylinder, horizontally mounted or vertically installed. Convenient features. Low noise: The fan's outer casing is specially designed to greatly reduce outflow noise. Under the condition of unit air volume and unit wind pressure, it can be reduced by 2-3dB(A) than the A sound level, and at the lower speed, the pressure of the higher fan can be obtained.

It can replace the low-pressure centrifugal fan or replace the high-pressure axial flow fan in the air supply and exhaust system of industrial and mining enterprises and high-grade civil buildings without a large number of muffling measures. Wide range of applications: This series of new products are divided into single speed and double speed models. According to different use occasions, the installation angle of the fan can be changed, the number of blades can be changed and the rotational speed can be changed to meet its requirements.