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Advantages Of High Pressure Blowers In The Food Production Process

- Aug 09, 2018 -

High-pressure fans have the following eight aspects in the food production process:

1. Improve the cleanliness of food equipment and reduce equipment wear. Extends equipment usage time and prevents the growth of microorganisms and pests;

2. Reduce food spatter losses during grain processing. Recover valuable dust and improve economic efficiency;

3, absorb moisture, prevent condensation, affect the efficiency of grinding equipment;

4. Control and absorb dust in production, improve labor production conditions and protect surrounding environment;

5. Reduce the occurrence of dust explosions and fires;

6. Cooling the milled material to ensure the quality of the grain products (flour, rice, feed, food, etc.);

7. Ensure safe, dry and stable storage of food.

8. The air blower classifies the grain and raw materials by air separation, automatically separates light and heavy impurities, and improves the purity and quality of the finished grain products.