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Why does the fastener of the roof fan fail?

- May 30, 2018 -

I wonder if you have encountered such a problem, that is, when the roof fan runs for a long time, the fastener of the fan will fail. Once the fan's fastener fails, it will affect the operation of the fan and seriously damage the fan. Therefore, when the fan is running, this situation should be avoided. Then, what causes the fastener to fail? Generally, there will be some high temperature when the roof fan operates at normal temperature, but it is in the normal range. This is due to the friction between the parts of the machine itself and the heat that causes the temperature of the fuselage to be high, but not all the conditions are normal.

The experimental results show that the main causes of the failure of the roof fan fastener are as follows: 1. When running, it suffers from excessive load. Take an axial fan as an example. Because of the fast output speed of the impeller, the load to be borne is greater. Once its load exceeds the load range, its internal parts will also bear some load capacity, which will cause parts fasteners to fail. 2. Suddenly turn on. If the fan is not completely stopped, a sudden reversal will make the parts of the fan run in different directions under the action of inertia, so that the operation of the components is not synchronized, which leads to the problem of the fan.