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The standards Requirement of The Fan

- Aug 27, 2018 -

GB/T 1236-2000《Industrial Ventilators Standardized Test of the Air Ducts Performance》、JB/T 9068-1999《Front and Rear Multi-Wing Centrifugal Fan》、JB/T 8932-1999《Fan Box》、GB 10080-2001《Air Conditioning Fan Safety Requirements》、JB/T 9069-2000《Roof Fan》、GB 10178-2006《Industrial Blower Field Performance Test》、JB/T 10281-2001《Fire Smoke Exhaust Fan Technical Conditions》、GB/T 13933-2008《Small Flow Fan》、JB/T 6411-1992《HVAC,AC Axial Fan Flow Fan》、JB/T 7258-2006《General Centrifugal Air Blower》、JB/T 10562-2006《General Axial Fan Technical Conditions》、JB/T 10563-2006《General Centrifugal Fan Technical Conditions》、GB 19761-2009 《The Limited Energy Efficiency and Evaluation of the Fan Energy Save Performance on the Ventilators》、JG/T 259-2009 《Jut Induction Unit》 、JB/T 7221-1994《Unit Air Adjustment Double Insert Centrifugal Fan》、JB/T 8932-1999《Fan Box》Ect.