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The fan can be divided into several kinds according to the classification of the material

- May 30, 2018 -

1. The fan can be divided into several categories according to the material used, such as iron shell fan (general fan), glass steel fan, plastic fan, aluminum fan, stainless steel fan, etc.

2. The fan classification can be divided into centrifugal type, axial flow type, oblique flow type (mixed flow type) and cross flow type according to the direction of gas flow.

3. The fan is divided into axial flow fan, centrifugal fan and oblique flow (mixed flow) fan according to the flow direction after the airflow enters the impeller.

4. The fans are divided into press-in type local fans (hereinafter referred to as press-in type fans) and explosion-proof motors are placed outside the flow channels or in the flow channels, and the explosion-proof motor is placed in an explosion-proof sealed chamber with a drawn-out local fan (hereinafter abbreviated as extraction). Fan).

5. Fans can also be divided into single-stage, double-stage, or multi-stage pressurized fans in the form of pressurization. For example, 4-72 is a single-stage pressurization, Roots blower is a multi-stage pressurized fan

6. Fans can be divided into: axial fans, mixed-flow fans, Roots blowers, roof fans, and air-conditioning fans.

7. Fan pressure can be divided into low pressure fan, medium pressure fan, high pressure fan.