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Precautions for installation of centrifugal fan

- May 30, 2018 -

In order to make good use of centrifugal fans, we must be careful when installing centrifugal fans.

Before installation, first of all the parts of the fan should be checked, and the parts, such as the impeller, the spindle and the bearing, should be inspected more carefully. If the damage is found, it should be repaired, and then the inner of the bearing box is cleaned with kerosene.

Then measuring the clearance between the bearings is reasonable.

If it is found that the span between the two bearings is larger, it is necessary to shut down the equipment and deal with it in time.

At the same time, we should do the following work:

(1) when the bolts on the upper joint face, if there are positioning pins, the pins should be fasten first, then tighten the bolts after tightening.

2. On some joint surfaces, some grease or mechanical oil should be applied to prevent rust and reduce the difficulty of disassembly.

Check the inside of the casing and other shells without leaving any tools or sundries.

1, check whether the transmission line joint on the centrifugal fan device is loose and oxidizing bad contact problem, if there should be timely removal of oxide, and reconnect, if fuse fuse, should replace the same specification fuse; check transmission line, rectifier circuit or not short circuit or circuit breakage.

2. When installing the fan, the weight of the gas transmission pipeline should not be added to the casing, and the clearance between the inlet and the impeller should be corrected to keep the shaft horizontal.

3. After the centrifugal fan has been installed, use the hand or pole to move the rotor to check whether there is a tight or collision phenomenon. Trial rotation can only be carried out without being too tight or collision.

4. When the outlet is installed at a certain angle, the rear disc should be rotated properly to keep the sign level.

5. When installing the inlet pipe, it can directly use the bolts of the intake port to connect. At this time the inlet of the inlet is fixed by three sunk screws. To make the impeller easy to load and unload, a pipe near the inlet should be connected by bolts.

6. After installing the motor, it is necessary to install the protective cover of the belt wheel and coupling. When the inlet is not connected with the intake pipe, a protective net or other safety device is required.