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Main form of air conditioner fan

- May 30, 2018 -

The main form of air conditioning fan

1, direct connection (external rotor centrifugal fan) and belt drive centrifugal fan.

The centrifugal fan of A and outer rotor is used in the air conditioning terminal unit because of its compact structure and compact size. It has no transmission loss and relatively low operating cost.

B, belt drive centrifugal fan. This type of fan has low wind speed, good noise and high efficiency. Changing the diameter of the belt wheel can change the speed of the main shaft of the fan, so it can change the working condition of the fan and adapt to the use of any air conditioning terminal unit. This type of fan is large and is generally not suitable for ceiling air conditioning.

2, direct connection (external rotor centrifugal fan) can be divided into two types: single-phase and three-phase.

A, single phase electric (220V) air volume is about 1000m3/h~4000 m3/h

Power from 0.18kw~0.75kw

Single phase external rotor centrifugal fan is mainly used for smoke-free barbecue cars or some occasions without three-phase power.

B, three-phase electric (380V) air volume is about 1000m3/h~25000 m3/h

Power from 0.18kw~16kw

3, the belt drive fan is divided into two types: ordinary type and reinforced type.

RDK belt drive backward vane dual inlet air conditioning centrifugal fan, generally with impeller line speed of 3200 to 3600m/min, need to strengthen safety treatment. The EDK belt drive forward multi wing dual inlet centrifugal fan usually needs to enhance safety treatment when the impeller speed is between 1600 and 2000m/min.

The forward multi - blade fans for belt drive should be adjusted according to the line speed and the actual motor.