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General requirements for roof blower

- May 30, 2018 -

Let's talk about the general requirements for roof fans. Let's have a look at it together.

1 roof fans must have reliable measures to prevent rain and snow penetration.

2, the formulation of FRP should be carried out according to the requirements of relevant regulations, and appropriate amount of anti-aging plasticizers should be added to extend the service life.

3. The roof and entrance of the roof fan should be streamlined in accordance with the principle of aerodynamics, so that the inlet / outlet airflow of the fan is stable and the pressure loss is reduced.

4, the roof blower should be provided with an effective bird net and all made of stainless steel, with an aperture of 30 x 30mm.

5. The safety protection net should be installed at the bottom of the roof fan. The safety protection net is safe and reliable. It can effectively prevent the equipment or components from falling down and avoid accidents.

6, the roof fan shell should be able to withstand the impact of local outdoor maximum wind speed.

7, the choice of wind load value should be carried out in accordance with the sixth chapter of the "load code for building structures".