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FRP Centrifugal Fan

- Aug 07, 2018 -


  • Design of backward curved wheel

    The fan adopts advanced technology. Design of backward curved centrifugal wheel is optimized by means of CFD hydro-field simulating. The blade section of the backward curved wheel is a curve with a certain radian. The included angle between airflow direction and the linear speed direction of the blade is an obtuse angle. The design is more accordant with the aerodynamic characteristics, and has lower noise, and stable airflow.

  • High-quality FRP material

    The fan is made of novel composite material, i.e., glass fiber-reinforced composite resin, and has the characteristics of high intensity, light weight, corrosion resistance, etc. The mechanical property of INFINAIR wheel is similar to that of steel fan, and its linear velocity is up to 78m/s. Different corrosion resistance formulas are added according to different corrosion properties of different gases in the making process so as to achieve an optimal corrosion resistance effect.

  • High balancing level

    Each wheel is subjected to dynamic balance test. We insist to the balancing level of G4.0 (Typical products are balanced to G6.3 only). Long-term quiet and stable running of the fan is ensured fundamentally.

  • Light weight and high performance

    The weight of FRP is only about 1/4 that of steel, so that FRP wheel is lighter. Shaft power needed by starting is remarkably lowered, so that the efficiency is improved and energy consumption is lowered. The expansion coefficient of FRP is smaller than that of steel, so that fitting gap between air inlet and wheel is reduced, aerodynamic performance further enhanced, turbulent flow reduced, and the noise lowered.


  • High intensity

    Fan body adopts an FEA theological design structure. The fan is molded from high-quality FRP material with advanced formula and relatively small thermal expansion coefficient by using a mold, so that stable structure and high intensity are achieved.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

    The corrosion resistance of BCSF FRP fan is far higher than that of stainless steel fan, and its service life is 6-7 times that of stainless steel fan in most -- application environments; Housing and access door in components contacted with corrosive gas are made of FRP. Metal parts are covered by FRP coatings and are not exposed in corrosive gas. Shaft is provided with FRP shaft sleeve. Shaft end is covered by FRP coating.

  • Good gas leakage

    Fan housing joint is bonded by FRP seamless bonding technology, and shaft seal is arranged at a position where fan shaft passes, so that gas leakage is prevented.

  • High reliability

    • -- Fan shaft is subjected to finish turning & hardening and tempering. Maximum load surpasses 25% of limit speed;

    • -- Bearing seal in bearing box can be lubricated. Service life more than L10:80000 hours;

    • -- The fan is supported by stable channel steel base, so that stable running of the fan is ensured.

  • High efficiency and energy saving

    The fan adopts backward curved wheel with high balancing level and high efficiency. In combination with housing designed by CFD flow field simulation and inlet Venturi pipe, fan efficiency is over 69%, can reach 90% in maximum, and high-efficiency and energy-saving running of the fan is ensured.


  • Fan Type

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion fan shall be single inlet centrifugal and belt drive or direct drive. The fan shall be acid, alkali, organic solvent gas resistant. All parts contacted with gas shall be corrosion resistant treating. The inlet shall be smooth, arc shape for fluent air intake.

  • Quality Standards

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion fan shall be tested in accordance with AMCA Standard 210 and 300. The manufacturer must own the Production license for industrial Product and ISO9001 quality system authentication.

  • Material

    The housing and wheel shall be constructed of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The pitch of the layer shall not be lower than 50%.This material shall add different corrosion resistant components according to different gas compositions. The material shall not change color, spot and come off under the designed operation.

  • Wheel

    Fan wheel shall be centrifugal, backward curved, glass fiber reinforced plastic. The wheel shall be balancing tested statically and dynamically to level G4.0 as AMCA204 standard. The fan shall keep stable airflow and low noise at maximum speed. The fan shall effectively avoid performance reduction with operating point slide. Wheel appearance shall be even color and luster, bright and clean surface, no crack, no gap, burr. Bubbles (diameter>3mm) shall not exist.

  • Fan Housing

    Fan housing shall be constructed of glass fiber reinforced plastics, the thickness and strength shall be strong enough to support weight at maximum operating speed. Fan housing shall adopt glass fiber reinforced plastics seamless sticking technology for preventing air leakage. All the metal parts in the housing shall be covered by two layers (0.2mm) of glass fiber reinforced plastics. Cover shall be smooth transition with fan. Shaft hole shall not be larger than the diameter 2mm of shaft sleeve and shall add shaft seal.

  • Inlet

    Fan inlet shall be strictly designed according to aerodynamic performance, constructed of glass fiber reinforced plastics. The surface shall be smooth and streamline with good rectification results, reduce turbulence effectively to improve fan efficiency and reduce noise.

  • Transmission Device (Only for belt drive type)

    Fan shaft shall be heat treated through soaking furnace. The fan shaft shall be balanced together with the wheel, and the shaft design speed shall at least exceed 25% of the maximum fan operation speed. Shaft shall be furnished with fiber-glass reinforced plastic shaft sleeve, which shall be at least 10mm out of the housing. The shaft inside of the chamber and the end shall be corrosion resistant. Two-bearing units(including two bearings and bearing box) shall be used to support fan shaft. The bearings shall be selected for a minimum (L-10) life in excess of 80,000 hours at maximum cataloged operating speed.

  • Motor

    Motor shall be closely matched to the fan load, IP54, and insulation class F.Motor and drives shall be out of airflow, avoiding erosion of corrosive gas, extending durability.

  • Nameplate

    Permanently fixed aluminum nameplate shall be fixed on fan body clearly display fan mark, product model and serial number (i.e.: unique ID for each fan), so that the customer can use this number to find out the parts used.