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Comparison of air conditioner fan and central air conditioner

- May 30, 2018 -

Advantage 1: it has the comfort effect like the central air conditioning. It is the same as the effect of a mainframe and an indoor machine. The cooling quantity is evenly distributed, the body feels comfortable, the indoor temperature is balanced, the temperature difference is small, the air supply is large and the cooling speed is fast.

Advantage 2: the decoration effect of central air conditioning is beautiful. It can be placed in the ceiling and can be integrated with decoration.

Advantage 3: the cost of ordinary air conditioning, the wind pipe machine and the ordinary till is lower than the price, the price is the same, the user may choose the low price, high comfort of the wind pipe machine.

Advantage 4: installation is convenient, the static pressure of the static pressure fan is larger, the lift of the air supply is longer, and the length of the shaft tube is much larger than that of the air conditioner.

The shortcomings of the air conditioner fan and the central air conditioner are:

1 disadvantages: only fixed frequency technology, less than the effect.

Disadvantages 2: only one host can drag an indoor unit. If you want to refrigerate multiple rooms, you need to install more than one host.

Disadvantages 3: only outdoor machines and indoor machine overall control, compared to the outdoor machine and each indoor machine control separately.

Disadvantages 4: one can only be applied to small area buildings, less than the central air-conditioning is more suitable for a large area of construction (can be dragged 3--16).

Disadvantages 5: head long wind mouth, noise, can not compare with the central air conditioning's mute effect.