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Common sense of installation and use of air conditioner fan

- May 30, 2018 -

Installation and use of air conditioning fan

1), before installation, check all parts of the fan thoroughly. Whether the machine parts are complete, the rotation direction of the impeller and the shell is consistent, the joint of each part is close, the main parts such as the impeller, the spindle, the bearing and so on are damaged, the transmission group is flexible, and so on. If problems are found, they should be repaired and adjusted immediately.

2), when installing, check the casing, and there should be no left and left tools and debris in the shell. On some joints, some grease or mechanical oil should be applied to prevent the rust and the disassembly. The fan and the foundation should be joined to the surface. It is not allowed to add the weight of the pipeline to each part of the fan, and pay attention to ensure the horizontal position of the fan.

Installation requirements:

(1) installation according to the location and size shown in the drawings. In order to get high efficiency, the gap dimensions between the inlet and impeller should be ensured.

(2) the triangle belt transmission should make the spindle of the main shaft triangle belt and the motor triangle belt wheel not to be misplaced. After the tape is put on, the safety cover should be installed to benefit the safety.

(3) coupling drive, fan spindle and motor shaft of different degrees of heart, the two ends of the coupling can not exceed 0.05mm parallelism.

(4) when installing the adjusting door, be careful not to install reverse, ensure that the inlet direction is consistent with the impeller rotation direction.

(5) after installation, try turning the transmission group to check whether it is too tight or colliding with the fixed part. It must be adjusted to find out what is wrong.

the trial operation of the air conditioner fan:

After all the installation is completed, the test will be carried out after the general inspection is qualified. In order to prevent the motor from overloading, it must be carried out without load (the gate or adjustment door in the inlet pipe) when the fan is started and tested. If the situation is good, then gradually open the flue or adjust the door for full load normal conditions (the specified total pressure and flow) of the continuous operation test. The newly installed test run time is not less than 2 hours. The trial run of repair and installation is not less than half an hour. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, it can be used formally. The power used by the air draught machine refers to the mechanical loss added to the specific working condition. As far as the electricity consumption and the reserve of the cold air tray are concerned, it is not the power provided by the fan in the full opening of the air door. Therefore, the air door is not completely open (with the exception of the pipe resistance) when used, and the current should be strictly controlled during the operation, and the motor should not exceed the motor. The rated value, otherwise it will burn down the motor.