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Classification of roof fan

- May 30, 2018 -

The roof fan has many specifications and wide application range. It can be used according to different occasions and air volume, pressure and noise requirements.

There are three types of fans:

A, axial flow roof fan: model DWT-I, suitable for medium low pressure and large flow occasions. According to the needs of users, it can also be designed as bidirectional reversible air supply and exhaust, that is, a fan with positive and negative working conditions, such as DWT- v.

B, centrifugal roof fan: type DWT- two, DWT- III type, suitable for small air volume and high pressure requirements.

C, no motor turbine exhaust fan: model DWT- IV, is a kind of indoor and outdoor air pressure differential drive special arc blade with the axis rotation to exhaust the air ideal energy saving ventilation device.

High efficiency and low noise: using advanced CAD software and multi-objective optimization design. A total of eight types of machine No. 12#-24# fan in DWT- type I serial number are used to change the speed, angle and leaf type to extend the range of performance parameters to meet the needs of different operating conditions, and to match the fan and the system area to achieve energy saving and noise reduction.

Stable operation, long life: small rotational inertia, high dynamic and stable precision, smooth operation, and the requirements of the modern standards in the enterprises are higher than the fan industry standards, to ensure that the fan is in the leading position in the peer.

Wide application: this fan can be made into explosion-proof type according to the requirements of use. It is applicable to the forced air exhaust in flammable, explosive and corrosive gases. The user can be used by users at ease.