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Centrifugal Fan Technical Standards

- Jul 09, 2018 -

1.     Operation:

1.1  Please check all the connection parts of the fan Before staring the fan, Whether the anchor bolt is loose is or not.

1.2  Inspection the lubricating oil volume is ok or not.

1.3  Using the wheel to check if there with the prevent or not smoothly places.

1.4  Please close the inlet valve before staring the fan and when the fan reach the specified speed than to open the inlet air valve.

1.5  When with below situation, please close the fan.

1.5.1       happen the heavy shaking

1.5.2       happen the strange voice

1.5.3       the temperate of the bearing or the motor going higher on the exceptional situation

2.     To Keep the Standard Using

2.1  Ofen to check the connection parts, like the screw or bolt or coupling connection ect.

2.2  To exchange the lubricating oil when the fan running around 3-6 months

3.     Inspection Standard

3.1  Inspection Period

3.1.1       maintain Period : one time per one year

3.1.2       Fix Period: one time per 3 years

3.2  Maintain Contents:

3.2.1       Inspection the bearing use situation and exchange the lubricating oil

3.2.2       Inspection the coupling use situation and exchange the Rotary.

3.2.3       Inspection each parts’screw or bolt and to fix it again.

3.2.4       To make the balance test of the blades

3.2.5       To exchange the coupling or bearing

3.2.6       To repair the damaged base

3.3  Repair Contents:

3.3.1       included the above maintain contents

3.3.2       exchange the fan blades, the bearing

3.3.3       fix the shell of the fan

3.3.4       to adjust the gap of the fan blades and shell of the fan

3.4  Inspection Standard

3.4.1       Put the fan on the base, Not more than per meter 0.1mm

3.4.2       Even the gap of the blades and inlet

3.4.3       After the install the blades the stop balance test could allow the unbalance point is no more than 10-20g.